Why Is TikTok So Popular?

Tiktok is so popular social platform that is growing day and night without any decrease in its popularity. 

Over a billion users are on this platform, and the young generation is quite addicted to this application. There are good reasons why the teens like TikTok and enjoy spending their time on it.

In 2020 this app reached some of the highest numbers, but now in 2021, this app is still overgrowing, and new users are joining, and teens are getting addicted to this app. We will look at why people like to spend hours on this app, and there are plenty of good reasons.

TikTok Algorithm

This app’s algorithm is why most people are addicted to TikTok, and there is a ‘For You’ page that shows content. This page is a content discovery feed, and the algorithm uses Ai and machine learning to populate your feed with content you like.

First, the algorithm determines your interest by tracking the content you like, and the content that other users watch is shown to your feed, also known as the ‘For You’ page. Unlike other social media platforms whose algorithm depends upon people you like or are friends with or your interest but TikTok shows content that is popular whether you follow them or not.

Content likely shown by TikTok is from people, but the possibility of the content you see may be unrelated to people you follow due to the TikTok algorithm. Because of how FYP works and shows you content that you like, people tend to enjoy it and spend more hours. That is why TikTok is overgrowing and marked as one of the fastest-growing platforms.

TikTok Trends

Another reason why TikTok is so popular and famous among teens is because of the commonness of trends. Dance challenges for popular songs, lip-syncing videos, hot trends to gain engagement, and more views

All the users who join tiktok want to achieve popularity and they want to be famous among others.

One of the reasons trends emerge is because of the audio system. When a user uploads a video, they lip-sync it with the audio or used by other videos, like a popular song and specific audio, that songs can use in thousands of videos to set a specific trend.

Many of the biggest songs that are trending in a billboard or rolling stone originated from TikTok trends. Sometimes old songs that are not that popular suddenly receive an unexpected boost because of TikTok. Lip-syncing specific audio clips and acting it out thoroughly, and setting trends that people follow is the big reason TikTok is so popular.

TikTok Communities

The last reason why TikTok is so famous and most people use it is because of a diverse range of content. Group of content creators or clips create ‘Communities’ and are differentiated by similar videos, audios. The hashtag is one reason why there are thousands of people making the video under a specific niche.

For instance, there are TikTok communities with millions of users posting a video under a specific niche. The diversity of content shows how much people are using this app and how many create it.

It motivates other companies and businesses to join this app and use content creators to sponsor their products. Promoting their product and creating content accordingly is why sponsors pay content creators in terms of views.


The reason TikTok is overgrowing and is popular is due to competition and eagerness to follow the trends. Users like to become famous, reach more people, make videos on ongoing trends, join communities, and use Hashtags to express their opinions. With Ai and machine learning, you get to see what you like and learn more about what people are doing and sharing.

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