Top Tiktok Tips And Tricks 2022

Tiktok has been one of the leading apps of this generation, addictive even for older generations. Everyone who is using this app is curious about TikTok tips and tricks. It is an app where a person can post, share, edit videos with music in the background. Furthermore, it is considered a rival app to youtube for most video uploading app in the whole world. It allows its users to take several seconds to minute videos.

As TikTok has various attractive options like filters, effects, and stickers to make the video fun, some people use Tik Tok to get entertained while others use it to entertain. Suppose you want to entertain others with your content. Here are some tricks and tips to make your TikTok account exciting, and you can have more efficient fun on TikTok as well!

These famous tips and tricks  can help you use TikTok and gain full advantage of app features:

Setting live wallpaper:

Here is a trick to make your favorite TikTok video your phone’s wallpaper. All you have to do is download the official plugin named TikTok wall picture. By downloading this, when you go to the share option on the right bottom of the menu, and there you will have a live photo option. By clicking it, you can see how the picture looks as your wallpaper, and you can set it as wallpaper if you like it well!

Restricting content:

Tiktok might be a good app, but there is good and bad content on all social networks. It’s nothing new. However, TikTok allows its users to restrict the content they see. Follow these steps, and you are good to go:

  1. You have to go to the “me” option and select it.
  2. Click on three-dot choose digital wellbeing.

There you go, you have successfully hidden all the inappropriate content on TikTok.

Adding favorites:

Adding a video to favorites is easier on Tiktok than on any other platform. There are various reasons you want to add a video to favorites, but it sure helps keep content saved if you want to watch it another time or if you loved the video.

  1. You have to long-press on the respective video you want to add to your favorites.
  2. You will have the option of “add to favorites.”
  3. By clicking on it, the video will be added to favorites.

Now, You can see a collection of your favorite person or content creator easily.

Time management:

If you are a diligent student or worker or overall a busy person who likes to keep their time managed, you do not want to use TikTok for a long time.

  1. You can go to settings, select the digital well being option
  2. After you select digital wellbeing and tap on select time management.
  3. Set it to whatever time limit you want.
  4. Activate it, and it will remind you by alarm or pop up a password so you won’t binge watch TikTok videos.

With this now, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on the app without knowing.

Special Effects:

When you are alone and get bored, you can open the TikTok recording screen and tap on the effects option. There you will have various options like games. Memes, stickers, etc. You can choose fun games like what kind of animal you are, who you look like etc. It’s a fun tip not to get lonely alone!


Overall there are tons of more tricks you will find on TikTok. Like you can change your voice, change your video language, change your background, and many more. Once you get used to these simple tips and tricks, you can explore much more on TikTok. It will make you addicted, but there’s always a time management option to keep you on track.

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